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Spilk Milk

'Say Dance' a celebration of social dance!

Saturday 26th November 2016: 7.30pm £6 & £8

For tickets call 07515030926 or email or pop into The Dance Centre.

Part performance, part social dance, Splitmilk’s ‘Say Dance’ re-imagines popular dance crazes that have swept dance floors all over the world!

The first half of the evening sees the company’s three dancers put their unique spin on familiar dance favourites;

think Disco dancing to Sinatra, the YMCA to Mozart, and The Twist on chairs.

In the second half it’s your turn!

The chairs are pushed back, and everyone is invited to put on their dancing shoes and join in a social dance like no other,

with the dancers mingling and a caller making sure you all go the same way.

You’ll get to have a go at long-forgotten folk dances youlearned at school, glitzy disco dances and even elegant ballroom moves, all to some unexpected musical choices from a live musician.

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