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Booking onto a Class


Thank you for booking onto one of our dance classes! We look forward to seeing you at The Dance Centre! 

All you need to do to book you / your child onto a class is complete a booking form below:

Dance Classes Spring 2023 - Booking Form

Aerial Classes Spring 2023 - Booking Form

Once a booking form is complete you / your child are all ready to join one of our classes!

If you have any questions or would like to communicate with us before completing a booking form, please email Zoe at


Please Note - If you/your child is returning to classes after the half term break you do not need to complete a new booking form! All dancers from the 1st half of term are automatically re-enrolled into the 2nd.

To enquire for any of our Company classes (MYDC, MCDC, MYCC) or Inclusive DanceAbility classes please email:

Zoe at


Kathy at

To book for Yoga please email

Tessa at

Thank You!

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