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Pay monthly to spread the cost

It is easy to pay for a class monthly over 10 months, September to June

Just click on your class link and complete the Direct Debit Form.

All Direct Debits will start on September 12th 2023 and end on June 12th 2024

Mondays (First session Sept 11th)

35 weeks: 10 monthly payments

Boys Blast Juniors

Boys Blast Youth

DanceAbility Adults

Tuesdays (First session Sept 12th)

36 weeks: 10 monthly payments

Adult's Dance-Fit

DanceAbility Adults 

Mini Blast

Junior Blast

DanceAbility Youth

Wednesday (First session Sept 13th)

36 weeks: 10 monthly payments

MYDC Foundation

MYDC Intermediate

Thursday (First session Sept 14th)

36 weeks: 10 monthly payments

Adult DanceAbility


Mini Blast Thursday

Junior Aerial Thursday

Beginners Atomic

Junior Atomic

Youth Aerial Thursday

Youth Atomic

Adult Aerial

Adult Street Dance

Friday (First session Sept 15th)

36 weeks: 10 monthly payments

Adults Floorwork

DanceAbility Adults Friday

Beginners Aerial Friday


Adult Aerial Friday

Saturday (First session Sept 16th)

36 weeks: 10 monthly payments

Beginner Aerial

Minis Aerial

Junior Aerial Saturday

Youth Aerial Saturday

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