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Calling all expectant mums and birthing partners!

Active Birthing Workshop for Mums and Birth Partners

Sunday 18th Feburary 12pm-4pm

Daisy Active Birthing Workshop is an opportunity for mums-to-be and their birth partner/s to learn powerful, effective and evidence based techniques together to support you throughout your labour.

Classes are all-inclusive and whilst previous knowledge of Daisy Birthing classes are beneficial, they are not required for you and your birth partner to benefit from the education and to build your Birthing Toolkit during the Workshop.

You will learn about the birthing process and how you can both support your body to birth your baby and we will talk through your birth plans, rights and choices. The aim is that you both leave feeling more confident, knowledgeable and prepared about your birth and the parts you both have to play in the labour journey. There are no ‘role-play’ games or group work either – just real accessible information you can use, that will actually make a difference, and time to focus on you, your baby, your body, your birth and each other.

Workshops are small, with a maximum of 5 ‘couples’ per session, so we have plenty of time to talk and answer questions. The course content is FEDANT approved (the UK’s awarding body for antenatal education in the UK).

The £80 per couple, 4 hour workshop will cover;

  • Active Birthing Principles: the benefits of movements whilst understanding the need for rest, and adapting movements for different types of birth

  • Birth Physiology – what will be happening to your body and why

  • Each stage of birth from the 1st contraction to the 3rd stage, with positioning and breathing techniques for each stage, helping you both to understand and feel more confident about labour and birth

  • The role of the birth partner and massage techniques they can use to support you

  • How to use a birthing ball and other props for labour and birth

  • Decision making during birth including medical interventions and a focus on informed choice

Workshops are ideal for mums in the 3rd trimester, and Daisy mums who are or have attended Daisy Birthing classes with me will receive a discount, please contact me before booking, and for any more information about the Workshop please get in touch. We welcome all birth partners too, this isn’t just for ‘couples’, family members, friends etc.. are all welcome – a surcharge may be added if you are bringing more than 1 birth partner however, please get in touch to discuss further if this is you.

NB: As this Workshop runs over lunchtime, please feel free to bring a packed lunch with you which you are welcome to eat during the class. Complimentary tea, coffee (decaf options too!), water, fruit and biscuits will be provided throughout.

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