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Artists & Dancers 

Kim Noble 

Kim Noble has been leading MYDC groups since April 2017. Kim originally from just outside Monmouth, Kim attended Monmouth Comprehensive School and trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Kim is a freelance dance artist. Kim dances for various choreographers and companies as well as co- directing and choreographing for dance theatre company Kitsch & Sync Collective. She performs and creates with Alex Marshall Parsons who also makes work for outdoor spaces, Caroline Sabine- who makes immersive theatre, Sean Tuan John- making work for young audiences and Untold dance theatre. Kim has also collaborated with 4Pi; choreographing and performing in India and Montreal with the dance and 360 degree film project ‘Liminality’. At the core of Kim’s practice is a passion for creating and performing contemporary dance that is exciting and inspiring to audiences of all backgrounds and ages that is performed in non-traditional situations. Kim is passionate about teaching and is very proud to teach MYDC.

Dance Blast Team

Sally Carlson - Dance Blast Director

Emily Pritchard - MCDC Tutor 

Kathy Young - Disability Dance Project Manager and tutor

Kim Noble- MYDC lead Tutor 

Fran Higginson- Dance Blast tutor 


For Rekindle 

Project and production manger: Sally Carlson 

Disability project manager: kathy Young 

Costume design: Sally Carlson

Costume maker (For Where do we go from here) George Hampton Wade

Technical : 4PI 

Thank you 

All MYDC parents and carers, the Arts Council of Wales, Monmouthshire County Council, all staff at 4PI and the Dance Blast Board of Trustees.

Jack Philp 

Born in South East England and based in Cardiff, Jack works nationally and internationally as a choreographer, movement director and freelance dance artist. Centred around a hybrid of forms, his work focusses on the meeting point between dance and academia, fusing choreography with science, research and digital technology. Jack has created commissioned work for several companies and universities as well as developed and toured productions as the artistic director of Jack Philp Dance. Jack holds an associateship with numerous academic departments across the UK and has an ongoing relationship with National Dance Company Wales, for whom he worked as an interim rehearsal director in 2022.

Alex Marshall Parsons

Alex is a director, performer and editor based in Cardiff and is the creative director of Gary & Pel Live Action Cartoon. Other Previous credits include Earthfall, We Are Bombastic, Gary Clarke Company, and Sweetshop Revolution. Alex was nominated for best dance artist at the theatre critics awards. Alex has recently created 'Almar Live' a physical theatre company creating 'HOUSE' a performance advocating the normalisation of LGBT relationships in public spaces funded by the Arts Council of Wales which will be touring theatre foyers autumn 2022.



Lauren Maloney, Sarah Griffiths, Jenny Beswick, Sammy Varley, Gaynor Johnson, Sarah Rosser

Robbie Hughes, Sarah price, Fran Higginson, Emily Pritchard. 

Sarah Lapping, Daffyd Williams, Queenie, Kathy Young (not dancing but valued members of MCDC) 


MYDC Juniors and Intermediate

Eliza Jones Newman, Oliver Lawton, Esme Board, Tanwen Sheppard, Isabelle Parker-Cribb, Anna Davies, Elise Charrington, Alana Baber, Hazel Lawton, Sidney Steward, Megan Higginson, Rowan Higginson, Sally White, Anna Glass, Chloe Harris, Philippa Thomas, Orla Ward, Ayla Muftuolglu


MYDC Seniors

Mollie Jenkins, Daisy Jenkins, Eve Jenkins, Freya Engel

Sam Amos

Sam is a choreographer and filmmaker based in Bristol. Sam discovered dancing at the age of 9 - inspired by the freedom and expressive nature of Breaking, Sam dedicated a life to developing a very distinct movement style for which he is known for today. 


Breaking was the catalyst and outlet for his creativity, and later inspired an interest in filmmaking at the age of 19. Filmmaking offered new creative perspectives, and provided an opportunity to recontextualize his movement and use it as a vehicle to explore themes, express ideas, and tell stories. Filmmaking contributed towards shaping Sam’s choreographic style and work as a whole.


In 2014, Sam formed TrashDollys. TrashDollys was born out of a desire to challenge the creative and expressive possibilities of movement, collaborate with a variety of creative practitioners, and connect with wider audiences through film and performance.


Today, TrashDollys work spans film production, dance theatre making, and education. The work ranges from intimate screenings, outdoor spectacles, venue takeovers to theatre shows. 

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