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Running Order

All Aboard! 


Choreography: KIm Noble 


Music: Code Blue John Powell. Train’s a Comin Dany Elfman, Big Noise from Winnetka Bob Crosby. 


On a journey to where??? This piece is part of the development for the forthcoming Green Man performance later this summer. 


Dancers: Dancers: Evie Mirando-Payne, Anna Kristina Davies, Oliver Lawton, Hazel Lawton, Esme Board Elise Charrington, Tanwen Sheppard, Rowan Higginson, Megan Higginson, Sidney Steward Scarlet Lowe.




Choreography: Eli Lewis with Joe Garbett


Music: Barcarolle by Saloli Waende by Ceeys The Sun by XIX 


Dancers: Sarah Griffiths, Robbie Hughes, Nina Smith, Lauren Moalony, Jenny Beswick, Sammy Varley, Gaynor Johnson, Sarah Price, Sarah Rosser, Nathan Maine, Lewis Caple, Beth Warkins, Kathy Young, Sarah Rogers. 



A group of people gently navigate their way through a precarious forest of balanced poles. Everything hangs delicately in the balance as they carefully carve out space for themselves to sprawl out and dance. At any given moment, everything might topple to the floor. But if it does, that’s ok. Together, they’ve got this. 


Eli & Joe are based in Bristol and London.  Eli Lewis is an award-winning choreographer, making work that straddles dance, live art and installation. Eli is currently associate artist at The Place. Other supporters of their work include South East Dance, DanceXchange, PDSW, Take Art, Arts Council England, Aerowaves Twenty19 and Goldsmiths College. Eli made Clearings with support from Joe Garbett. Joe is an internationally toured and performed dance artist. He creates colourful, silly and unifying shows choreographing and performing in outdoor and unconventional places advocating the importance of positive, playful and accessible art in public spaces. 


The Timekeeper 


Choreography Faye Stoeser 


Music: ‘Inductance’ by Fluxion 


Dancers: Evie Mirando-Payne, Anna Kristina Davies, Oliver Lawton, Hazel Lawton, Esme Board Elise Charrington, Tanwen Sheppard, Rowan Higginson, Megan Higginson, Sidney Steward Scarlet Lowe. 


Time is continuous, transient and constant but how we perceive time is subjective to our experiences and emotions. We notice the passage of time in retrospect “how am I already this old?” and our psychological time gets out of sync with physical time. However, time is cold and unbiased, only moving forward, with us experiencing time by experiencing change. Whether we’re running out of time or having all the time in the world; seizing time or wasting time, often we feel happiest when we don’t notice time passing at all. 


Faye graduated from London Studio Centre in 2015 and went on to join Rambert 2 where she completed her MA. During her time in Rambert she performed works by choreographers including Ohad Naharin, Itzik Galili and Benoit Swan Pouffer with leading roles. Faye has since worked with companies and choreographers including Richard Chappell Dance, Agudo Dance Company, Julia Cheung, Dickson Mbi, Keneish Dance as well as working commercially with credits including Years and Years, BBC, and numerous brands. Faye’s choreographic style is influenced by the many dance techniques she has come in contact with over the years including underground battle and club dance styles. Alongside Faye’s career she participates in the Ballroom Scene where she specialises in New Way Voguing and is part of The Iconic House of Revlon. 


Crash Landing!

Choreography & Direction Gary & Pel Live Action Cartoon (Alex Marshall Parsons & Kimberley Noble)


Music: Geoff love - The great escape march: Gunfight at the OK corral: The Virginian: One furtive tear: Jaws, Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Crazy Diamond, Sandy Nelson - Let there be drums 

Joan Jett - Bad reputation, The Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian 


Dancers: ALL company members 


A long time ago, a group of explorers crash-landed in the Monteguie forest and were never heard from again. Fast forward to the present, a new group of brave explorers set out to visit the legendary forest where the previous group mysteriously disappeared. Join us for a wacky and wonderful slapstick comedy performance. Hold on to your hats for a wild ride!


Gary & Pel Live Action Cartoon are a Cardiff-based outdoor performance company mixing slapstick comedy, dance, circus, and adventure. Alex is an award winning performer, director and film editor based in South Wales. Specialising in contemporary dance, physical theatre & slapstick performance.  A self proclaimed 'Live action cartoonist' . Kim is a Performer and a Co Director of Kitsch & Sync Collective and lead tutor/choreographer for MYDC




Production & Costume Design; Sally Carlson

Lighting/Technician: Jules Young 

Thank you for 4PI and the Arts Council of Wales.           




For Dance Blast 

Company Director: Kathy Young

Artistic Director/Ignite Producer: Sally Carlson

MYDC Lead Tutor: Kim Noble

MCDC Lead Tutor: Sarah Rogers & Kathy Young

We hope you enjoy the show

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