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Running Order

1. The Teds 

Choreography: Kim Noble 

Dancers: All MYDC and MCDC members 

Watch out, The Teds are in town & they're ready to SHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL with the punches…’‘The Teds’ is a dance theatre performance drawing inspiration from the 1950s gangs and their rebellious attitude of Rock and Roll.

Watch as this sharply dressed, suited and booted, gang of youths kick off a teenage revolution! Rebelling out of the hard times and transforming into rock icons these gangs are whipping up a frenzy and hysteria from their adoring fans!....absolutely no autographs please! 



Road to Banyon by Nick Cave 

Shakin' all over by The Guess Who

Frankie's got a Quiff by Crazy Caravan

We are the Teds by Furious

Juke box score and text arrangement by Francis Naughton 

Walk like a Man by Frankie Valley and the Four seasons

Sherry by Frankie Valley and the Four seasons 

Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis

Ready Teddy by Little Richard

Tutti Fruitti by Little Richard

2. From Point One 

Choreography and Dancers: Mollie Jenkins, Daisy Jenkins, Eve Jenkins and Freya Engel 

Together from one point to our final show as one.


Our senior group have choreographed their own work, mentored by Kim Noble. These four dancers have been with us for over 10 years and its been an absolute pleasure to watch them develop and grow as dancers but also as people, they are all wonderful and we are very proud of them. 

Music: Deadman by Shackleton

3. Home Time 

Choreography: Alex Marshall Parsons 

Dancers: MCDC 

Exploring the ups and down of office working during the lockdown and what happened when the world stopped. 



Chamber ensemble

All good folks & Soundroll.

Film / Edit by Alex Marshall Parsons


4. The Way our Story Goes 

Choreography: Sam Amos 

Dancers: MYDC seniors, juniors and intermediate groups

Sam Amos utilises MYDC’s talent in The Way Our Story Goes, a piece that combines a highly physical and expressive movement style with the company’s passion and spontaneity. 


The Way Our Story Goes uses dance as a means to explore individuality, and examine what we can misinterpret or fail to understand about one another - the piece is inspired by the idea that every side to a story is worth listening too.


The Way Our Story Goes is also underpinned by aims to improve the mental wellbeing in young people as we continue to transition out of lockdown, and provide an environment for people to come together, move, and work creatively towards a common goal.



By The Sea I Will Stay Forever - The Mermen

Untitled 1 - Ocelote Rojo

Gabriels Dance - Silencio

Gabor Szabo - Three King Fishers

Kingdom Of D'mt - Karl Hector & The Malcouns

5. Where do we go from here

Choreography: Jack Philp

Dancers: MYDC Seniors  

The work is fuelled by the spirit of connection and thinking about what that means for us in todays world. Our practice in the studio was informed by technology and how we connect through data, as well as reflecting over the irreplaceable energy of touch and shared spaces. Here, in this work, we meet, reconnect and dance together again.  



R.SEILIOG; ‘Mind Garden’ 

R.SEILIOG; ’22 Onnen’ 

We hope you enjoy the show and please join us for the after show party!

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