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ReKindle 2021
Artist Commission
2 Choreographers/ dance artist 
1 digital/film artist 

An invitation for dance artists/choreographers and digital film maker/artists to make applications to Dance Blast to create new work for its flagship community groups, Monmouthshire Youth Dance Company: MYDC) Monmouthshire Connected Dance Company: MCDC  (MCDC is a diverse ability company) The project will culminate in performances in Abergavenny and Cardiff in April 2022



The idea for ReKindle grows directly from the pandemic and builds on our previous work. The pandemic has asked the same questions of all of us: what have we learned from this experience what do we want to take forward, what do we want to leave behind? 

Re-Kindle looks to the future and asks the question: what do we want our world and our town to look like? 

The new work created with commissioned artists and our company members will explore issues thrown up by the Pandemic: 

- how could we live better?
- what is a good pace of life?
- how do we connect with each other?
- how do we make a better, kinder fairer world to meet the challenge of climate change? 

We want to explore these themes while looking at new ways to deliver work.

    -  how can get the best out of being together in the flesh and virtually? 

    -  how can we expand the way we deliver the art we produce streaming and multi- media.

The Commissioning Process 

ReKindle follows several highly successful IGNITE commissioning projects, all ACW lottery funded. The aim of these project are to provide new, inventive and exciting opportunities to challenge and develop community dancers living in Monmouthshire. Videos of past projects are available on our website.

Two dance artist/choreographers and one digital artist/film maker will be commissioned through open access selection. Members of both MCDC and MYDC will lead the whole process from shortlisting and auditioning candidates to making the final decision on which choreographers to commission. The commissioning process is a key element of the project. Having the opportunity to work with a wide range of dance artists, view CV’s, dance video and written proposals and during the auditions, facilitate a deeper understanding of different styles of dance, choreography and teaching methods. The process encourages creative enquiry, reflection and debate, being able to expand on the reasons why an artist is preferred over another brings alive the art form of dance. 

Each commissioned dance artist will follow a very different process, but all will use the themes for ReKindle as their inspiration.

ReKindle will also engage a film/visual/digital artist to work alongside the dance artists and company members introducing a multi sensory element to the work. The reason for this stems from the experiences we all had during the pandemic which highlighted the importance of connecting via a screen. We will be looking for ideas which are innovative and potentially experimental, both for broadcast of the work (e.g. streaming) and as art of the work itself.

Members of MCDC and MYDC will have the opportunity to choreograph their own work, members will mentored by the groups’ project tutors. Creating their own work will develop choreographic understanding and insight for all members of the group, especially the group member(s) who choose to choreograph. - solidifying the concept that the project is not only for the participants but also led by the participants.

How to apply 

We welcome applications from all parts of the community regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or background. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do. 

Please email for an application form 

An Arts Council of Wales Funded Project 

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